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September 8, 2021


3 features from bunq Update 18 that make life easy

Last week we welcomed bunq Update 18, which brought some new exciting features. Let’s have a look at these 3 additions that make life easy!

1. Subscriptions V2 - now with reminders🔔

A while back we introduced Subscriptions, a place where you can find all your recurring payments at a glance. You can always see where your money goes and where you could cut back a little. To be fair...don’t we all have too many streaming channels? With bunq Update 18, we’ve added reminders to make sure you always know when subscriptions are about to expire, ahead of time.

2. Auto Accept your favorites🙌

Previously, you had to manually accept all payment requests through the app. You now have the option to automatically accept payment requests or direct debits from anyone you trust. That means you never have to manually approve payments to your favorite stores or to your best friends. Simply add them to your list once and automatically approve all future payments. Easy!

3. Check your history📜

Need to go back in time and find something? Now you can keep track of all of your past actions easier than ever with the new History button. You can track the history of your payments and enjoy full transparency while using your favorite app. The History button takes you back in no time!

There we go! 3 features from bunq Update 18 that make life easy.🌈

There are more features launched with bunq Update 18 that make life easy. Find the full list here.

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