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3 add-ons you need for your business account

February 18, 2022

When you have a bunq business account, you can install certain add-ons within the app. These will help you run your business smoother and save you time. We’ve partnered with a couple of brands that build different products, so you’re assured to find a fit for your business. Let’s have a look!

1) Zapier 📱

You can easily save time by integrating with Zapier. This add-on basically connects your finances to your favorite apps. It’s the perfect way to let your account run seamlessly, all by itself!

You could get a real-time spreadsheet of your expenses, so you don’t need to manually export bank statements. Your finance department can follow your expenses in real-time on Google Sheets or Excel.

You never have to worry about your balance. If it drops below a chosen amount, an email or Slack message with the text of your choice will be triggered, so you’re always in the loop. 

Keeping track of your employees' accounts is also a breeze. Follow your employees' purchases by logging their card transactions to a spreadsheet and sharing it with your finance department. Pretty hassle-free, isn’t it?

There are more cool things you can do with Zapier. Learn all about it here.

2) Dyme 🪙

Dyme filters your bank transactions and imports the stuff that really matters. Your monthly income and expenses are labeled and displayed in clear overviews, so you know exactly what comes in and what goes out. It also gives you smart ways to save on your subscriptions and recurring costs, so you can invest that money in your business instead. Or a well deserved break! 

3) MoneyMonk 💸

MoneyMonk manages bookkeeping online for freelancers, so you don’t have to. Think of invoices, VAT returns, connecting the app with your accountant or even getting personal startup advice! It suits anyone, from IT professionals to designers or healthcare professionals. They focus on freelancers only, so you can get the best care out there, that’s literally built for you. 

Here’s what our CEO, Ali, had to say about the MoneyMonk proposition: “For an entrepreneur, having an accurate, real time overview of your finances means it's easy to make well informed decisions, even during weekends and holidays.”

We’ve been partners since 2017, so you can find MoneyMonk in your add-ons section in the bunq app. 

You can find these and many more cool add-ons in your bunq app. 

Want to learn more about bookkeeping with bunq? Check out our full page on it here.

Have a look! They can all help you run your business smoother, saving you time, money or both🙌

Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer in need of a business bank account? We’ve got you covered. Sign up in just 5 minutes.

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