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10 movies to watch after work

April 22, 2020

Not sure what to do after work? 🤷🏼‍♂️

The advantage of spending more time at home in 2020 is that we have the holy internet, more content than we can ever digest and just so many choices. So... what to choose, then?

You’d think that us bunqers wouldn’t go for banking movies after a workday, but that’s not the case. Since working at bunq (not bank) is actually a lot of fun, we’re happy to spend some of our free time focusing on the same industry. Therefore, we know quite some good banking movies, and we’d like to share this list with you!

1. The Wolf of Wall Street 🐺

That’s a surprise, isn’t it? The Wolf of Wall Street is a classic based on a true story. It follows Jordan Belfort’s story as he goes through a whole roller-coaster, from living the high-life of champagne and caviar, to being left...okay, we’re not going to spoil this, just in case you missed it. If this move isn’t on your “seen” list yet, this where you should start.

2. Inside Job 💨

Inside Job looks at the disastrous financial crisis from 2008 and takes a closer look at how it all actually happened. It’s a fascinating combination of cinematography and high-quality interviews that give real insights into what went wrong before the crisis. It’s scary, eye-opening and captivating. Definitely an interesting one to watch nowadays, as it seems we can’t avoid a similar scenario soon.

3. The Big Short 🇺🇸

We’re not over the 2008 financial crisis theme just yet.

The Big Short focuses on a group of men betting against the mortgage market in the USA, becoming aware of the housing bubble that triggered the crisis before anyone else. On their journey, they discover how corrupt and flawed the system really is. The movie is known for explaining complicated stuff in a simple and entertaining way - like having Margot Robbie in a bathtub, sipping champagne, explaining how mortgages work.

4. The Corporation 👨🏻‍💼

This one looks at corporations as if they were actual people. As soon as laws were passed on their side, they acquired rights previously meant for people, like owning property. The question is, what’s the mental state of a person that has so much money and so many rights? Is this a person you want to be around? Are they healthy for the world? A great movie to watch if you’d like to understand where we as people stand compared to corporations and what’s wrong with today’s status.

5. American Psycho 🤪

Okay, we’re halfway there, so time for another classic. American Psycho may not be about banking, but Patrick Bateman - the psycho - is an investment banker. While his life at work seems normal and his colleagues don’t think anything weird of him, his personal life is a bit more...complicated than that. After watching this one, I started looking around the office a bit more carefully. So far, so good.

6. Heat 🔥

Heat is about robbing banks, so don’t get any ideas! Nevertheless, a captivating movie about how a group of robbers start feeling the heat on the run, once they discover they left a clue. It’s a fast movie that keeps you fascinated, with some help from a great duo: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

7. Margin Call 💰

Thought we’re done with the 2008 financial crisis-related movies? Nope, we’re back! The story follows a couple of key people at an investment bank throughout 24 hours during the early stages of the crisis, the layoffs and those who survive. The movie exposes the amount of greed and investment fraud around that time, and how it all contributed to the final result. Some lessons to be learned, for sure.

8. Boiler Room 🏫

Boiler Room follows a college dropout who works in a casino and is a disappointment to his father, a high-end federal judge. He gets a job offer as a broker and he’s promised loads of money and fame. Thirsty for success, money and to make his dad proud, he takes it. The company is a bit different than what he expected, and he’s soon enough involved in more than he signed up for. This movie is a great story about justice, family and fighting the good fight. P.S. don’t drop out of college because a guy at the casino said you can make it anyway.

9. Wall Street 🏦

Well, I bet you thought we’d end with this one, but we like to surprise you. Wall Street is such a classic, that it’s quoted in multiple other movies, just like Boiler Room above. In Wall Street, we see just how far Bud Fox is willing to go to “play with the big guys”. When stocks and determination isn’t enough, inside information may be the answer. But nothing good lasts forever, and it never comes at no cost...

10.  Casa de Papel / Money Heist 🎭

Fine, this is not a movie, but thought we’d throw one in here for those of you who’d rather binge-watch TV for hours. Ranked currently at no. 1 in the Netherlands on Netflix, La Casa de Papel became super famous in the past years due to its story. It never stops, it’s dramatic - but not too much, it’s angry, it feels real. The characters are as easy to love as to hate, and that’s why we can’t stop pressing “next episode”. It’s also a good break from hearing English content all the time. Time to learn some Spanish, maybe? Si.

There you go!

10 movies to watch after your hard work-day is done. All of these options are highly rated, so don’t worry, it’s not just our opinion!

Know someone who can never decide what to watch? Send them this list to make their lives a bit easier.

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Much love,

The bunq family.

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