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bunq employee Andra working from home
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April 8, 2021


1 year at bunq equals love (and 5 years anywhere else)

This week is my 1 year anniversary at bunq, and what better time to share my story with everyone who wonders what it’s like to work here?!

I’m Andra, bunq’s Content Writer Specialist. Most articles you can find on this blog are written by me. I started with a couple of articles per week, and today I’m involved in most editorial checks, creative writing and stuff-that-has-to-do-with-words (should this be my new LinkedIn title? sounds trendy). But anyway, let’s start from the beginning.

A year ago, I wasn’t exactly living my truth 🤵

I had a good job, lovely colleagues, life was great on paper, but something was missing. I was 4 years into a career that wasn’t it. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but things weren’t going very well. I’ve applied to a thousand places, shared everything I’ve ever written, but it always came down to the same thing: “looks great, but we’re looking for someone with actual corporate experience” blah blah. Cool. Thanks. It seemed like I’m doomed to always dream of being the next Carrie Bradshaw and never actually make it.

I’ve had my eye on bunq for a while 🌈

Let’s face it, if you’re young and in the Netherlands, you probably know they’re a pretty cool company and who wouldn’t want to give it a shot? Finally, they had an opening for a Content Writer. Their demands were similar: 3 years of experience (nope), fluent in Dutch (nope). It wasn’t looking great, but I’ve decided to send an open application anyway. I basically told them I’m looking for that position - but, without the (corporate) experience, and without the Dutch. Thankfully, bunq does this amazing thing that many companies don’t: look for potential and attitude first.

After some great talks, assignments and the famous Get Shit Done day, I’ve got the call: I was a bunqer! Alright, let’s get shit done! And damn it, we did. The first 3 weeks (known as your onboarding weeks) were super intense and exciting. It feels like a lot - okay, it is a lot - but once the storm settles down, you have everything you need to actually make things happen. And you can really make things happen during your first month at bunq.

This past year was insane - in a good way ❤️

I came from a sales & marketing background, but started writing blog posts and articles for bunq in the first couple of weeks. Since then, I probably gained a new ownership every couple of months. I’m now also writing emails, central messaging, external articles, changelogs and in-app copy. Learning and growing never stops. It’s really up to you, what you want to get out of your bunq adventure and how far you want to take it. It’s not easy and it’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a place where you can learn in 1 year as much as you would in 5 pretty much anywhere else, bunq may be it.

There’s work, there’s rewards, and there’s so much love 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Bunqers are simply a great bunch. I’m confident any bunqer agrees. They’re smart, witty, funny and always ready for a good time. From coffee breaks to Friday drinks (that can turn into mornings during normal times), there’s always a great memory in the making. No matter how short or long your time at bunq, you’ll definitely leave this place with some friends for life.

We’re always hiring 🙌

Check the jobs page when you’re ready for a new adventure. Can’t find a fit? Send that open application. I’m the living proof that it works. Join us, and ping me one day so I can write your bunq story here.

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