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Banking Abroad

Get a bank account that loves to travel

Save time and money while you bank abroad, with bunq.

We are bunq

Your neo bank with all the advantages of a traditional bank. Discover fast and uncomplicated banking with us.

Easy Banking abroad

With bunq you don't have to worry when you're abroad, because we enable you to bank just like at home, no matter where you are. With the bunq Mastercard you can pay anywhere in the world and keep track of your transactions in real time with the app.

  • Add NL, DE, ES, FR or IE IBANs to your account easily and quickly

  • Save 3% on card payments in non-euro currencies

  • Manage your money in up to 16 different currencies


Other selected features

Discover what else makes bunq special.

Banking Sustainably

As you may know, your money is not just lying on the bank account, but is invested. At bunq you have the possibility to decide how we invest your money - for example 100% in socially-responsible companies.

Multiple Sub-Accounts

Structure your finances and achieve your goals easily. Create up to 25 sub-accounts, assign a unique IBAN to each, track your financial goals and easily allocate recurring income.

Worldwide Mastercard

Make payments effortlessly across the globe with your very own bunq Mastercard.

Countless Currencies

Save and spend in over 15 foreign currencies without leaving the bunq app.

Multiple IBANs

Choose from NL, DE, FR & ES IBANs to start banking like a local, hassle-free.


Choose from a range of European IBANs

Say goodbye to opening a new account every time you move country, we’re always adding new IBANs to bunq so you can bank like a local all over Europe. Verify your ID, and we’ll automatically assign you an NL, DE, FR, IE or ES IBAN so you can bank hassle-free where you are.


Bank in multiple currencies with just one app

Open your multi-currency account in just a few taps to receive, hold, convert, and spend in over 15 different currencies directly from the app. Travel somewhere one of your chosen currencies is in use, and you’ll automatically pay in the local tender when you use your bunq Card.


Save 3% on card payments in non-Euro currencies

Unlike traditional banks, we don’t believe in charging our users for payments they make in foreign currencies. With a bunq Mastercard, you’re free to travel the world with one of the most internationally accepted bank cards without being overcharged for payments abroad.


Don’t just take our word for it

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I've just recently started using this app. I already see how it changes my life. It instantly notifies me whenever money moves in or out of my account. I can decide how my spare money should be invested, I get insights on my own spendings. Nice!

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Practical and fast, I'm really happy with it

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Currently using bunq to earn interest on my savings. The in-app support is really good too.

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I think what they are doing here is really good. They are developing and bringing a brand new, disruptive technology to markets that really need streamlining for the future.

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Their interest rate is really highest among the whole market, alongside with the overall quality of provided services.

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Makes banking super easy and exciting.

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It's a really good bank. Fast support and great app.

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